Get online and Stay Always Connected

Smart introduces to you an array of data packs that redefines affordability and offers great value. From large-sized to small-sized, our data packs are all designed in consideration to what people usually need. Now get on your 4G smartphones and experience a wide range of mobile entertainment and functionality with the Smart Data Packs. We guarantee there’s one that will be perfect for you.

Now experience double the fun with double data every time you purchase a Smart data pack. 

200 MB + 200 MB = 400MB
Get 400 MB @ Rs 9 (excl. of taxes)
1 day
Rs 11.49

Talk for less 

Subscribe to any of our Smart Voice Packs if you love talking over the phone at really affordable prices and enjoy the best value from our unlimited and volume-based Voice Packs and never worry about your balance running out.

Be it for work or play pick the one that fits you the best.

Voice Unlimited- 1 day
Talk Unlimited for 1 day within Smart Network for just Rs 9 (exclusive of taxes).
1 day
Rs 11.49
Voice Unlimited- 7 days
Talk Unlimited for 7 days within Smart Network for just Rs 29 (exclusive of taxes).
7 days
Rs 37.03
Voice Unlimited- 30 days
Talk Unlimited for 30 days within Smart Network for just Rs 99 (exclusive of taxes).
30 days
Rs 126.41
Daily Rental Voice Pack- Rs 3/day
All local calls @ Rs 0.90/min (exclusive of taxes). Daily Rs 3 (exclusive of taxes) rental cost renewed daily automatically.
1 day
Rs 3.83
To Activate     *141*1*1*1# 
To Deactivate *141*1*1*2#

Text for less

SMS still remains one of the best ways to deliver messages instantly and has always been a cheaper alternative compared to calling. Now, easily exchange short messages at even more affordable prices with people across Nepal on Smart.

Enjoy a huge heap of SMS or a per SMS tariff rate to other local networks that’s unbelievably low with the Smart SMS Packs.

SMS at 50 paisa/sms All local sms at 64 paisa/sms (inclusive of taxes). Subscribe this pack at Rs 9 (exclusive of taxes). 30 Days Rs 11.49 *141*2*1*1#
3000 sms (Smart to Smart) Get 3000 Smart to Smart sms. Subscribe at Rs 20 (exclusive of taxes). 30 Days Rs 25.54 *141*2*1*2#

For never-ending conversations

Smart allows affordable and convenient packs for its customers with its new offer All Net Voice pack. Enjoy endless conversation within domestic network at best value from our tailor-made voice pack offers. Subscribe to our Smart All Net voice pack offer valid from 15th January, 2020 to 13th July, 2020 and enjoy calling at 0.83 Paisa per minute with Smart to all domestic network.

Smart All Net Voice 1 day Pack
12 mins talk time on all network (domestic)
1 Day Rs 10 Rs 12.77
Smart All Net Voice 30 day Pack
120 mins talk time on all network (domestic)
30 Days Rs 99 Rs 126.41

Unlimited Bonuses with your data pack

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the entire world has come to a halt, so to keep you connected with Your World,  Smart has brought the Unlimited Bonus on your data pack in which you get  3 GB weekly pack + Unlimited calling @ just Rs. 76.75 with a validity for 1 week.

Pack Name
MRP (incl. of tax)
Activation Code
Unlimited Bonus with Data Pack
Get 3GB Data weekly + Unlimited Calling @Rs. 76.75( excl of taxes)
Valid for 7 days
Rs. 98

*Unlimited calling valid from Smart to Smart network only.

Get Double Big on data!

4GB Daily Data pack is the biggest data pack Smart has introduced in terms of volume. Smart customers can now subscribe to a monthly data pack of 120 GB at Rs 595 (incl. of taxes). The pack offers 4 GB as a daily data allowance for 30 days.  The everyday allocated data will be valid till midnight and the remaining will not be carried forward to the next day. Once the data pack is purchased, customers cannot purchase the same pack multiple times before the 30-day cycle of data allocation has completed.

Pack Name Features MRP (incl. of tax) MRP (excl. of tax) Validity Activation Code
60 GB + 60 GB = 120 GB 4 GB daily Rs. 595 Rs. 465.97 30 Days *141*3*5*1#
  1. Pack price Rs.595 (including taxes)
  2. Every day 4 GB data allocation for 30 days (totaling to 120GB)
  3. Every day allocated data will not be carried forwarded next day
  4. Everyday data valid till Midnight
  5. Once data pack is purchased customer cannot purchase multiple time till the 30-day cycle of data allocation is not completed
  6. Customer can purchase this pack only once.

दुई पछि FREE voice offer is the best offer that Smart has brought for you. It’s the best offer for you to keep connecting with your loves once. The voice call slashes the call rate of Smart to Smart calling.  Now you can use minutes (Direct On-Net Voice Local Call) easily anytime.  You Get free calling after 2 minutes of call . As subscriber start calling from main balance, the main balance PAYG rate is eliminated after 2 mins on each call. On every call, You will be first charged for 2 mins and after that your call will be free. This is applicable for our On-Net pay-g users ( Smart To Smart Calling).

The offer is launched on 1st July, 2021

Pack Feature MRP Validity Activation Code
दुई पछि FREE first charged for 2 mins and after that the call will be free on on-net call FREE 30 days *141*1*5*1#

  1. Activation of this pack will be free.
  2. After the activation of this pack, you will be able to call free after spending 2 mins call price while using call directly from main balance even without voice pack.
  3. The pay-g rate for On-Net voice will be eliminated after 2 Mins on each call.
  4. On every call, you will be first charged for 2 mins and after that the call will be free on on-net call
  5. This is applicable for On-Net pay-g users.
  6. If your purchase any voice pack include this offer, voice pack will be used first.
  7.  You should dial specific USSD to subscribe this pack is *141*1*5*1# .

Smart brings to you Greatest GB Plan Double Offer first time ever in Nepal with daily data to high volume data at best affordable price. Smart, keeping in mind, growing usage of data, has focused on data affordability and validity. This Greatest GB Plan Double Offer with unconditionality, can be used in all social media and all digital platforms. Now enjoy internet on the go with GB data at your 4G smartphone.

Its time to say Bye Bye to MB.

Welcome to the era of GB. Jamana aba GB ko

Volume Price( inc tax)
Validity (days)
Activation Code
2 GB
1 *141*3*2*1#
6 GB
7 *141*3*2*2#
10 GB
15 *141*3*2*3#
30 GB
30 *141*3*2*4#
50 GB
30 *141*3*2*5#
90 GB
60 *141*3*2*6#
180 GB
90 *141*3*2*7#

Enjoy FREE Data plus BONUS on every recharge! What are you waiting for? Claim the offer and enjoy the DOUBLE fun!

Denomination Bonus Balance Validity Volume Validity
50 100 1 day
- -
100 200 7 days 500 MB 1 day
200 400 15 days 1 GB 3 days
500 1000 30 days 3 GB 7 days
1000 2000 30 days 5 GB 15 days

Now get double the data on the same price!

With a vision to drive data affordability even further, Smart is now giving double data on their most popular data pack. On subscribing to our Mahina Bhari Data Bhari pack, Daily 200 MB Pack or Greatest GB Plan, you now get double the data on the same price!!

New Data Volume Previous Data Volume Price (Rs) Validity (Days) Condition Activation Code
400 MB 200 MB 11.49 1 All time *141*3*1*6#
4 GB Per Day Up-to 120 GB 2 GB Per Day Up-to 60 GB 595 30 Per Day/ 30 Days *141*3*5*1#
2 GB 1 GB 35 1 All time
6 GB 3 GB 98 7 All time
10 GB 5 GB 165 15 All time
30 GB 15 GB 425 30 All time
50 GB 25 GB 555 30 All time
90 GB 45 GB 980 60 All time
180 GB 90 GB 1500 90 All time *141*3*2*7#