Get online and Stay Always Connected

Smart introduces to you an array of data packs that redefines affordability and offers great value. From large-sized to small-sized, our data packs are all designed in consideration to what people usually need. Now get on your 4G smartphones and experience a wide range of mobile entertainment and functionality with the Smart Data Packs. We guarantee there’s one that will be perfect for you.

Now experience double the fun with double data every time you purchase a Smart data pack. 

200 MB
Get 200 MB @ Rs 9 (excl. of taxes) valid for a day.
1 day
Rs 11.49
500 MB +500 MB
Get 500 MB + Extra 500 MB Data @ Rs 29 (excl. of taxes) valid for 1 day.
1 day
Rs 37.03
1 GB + 1 GB
Get 1 GB + Extra 1 GB Data @ Rs 69 (excl. of taxes) valid for 7 days.
7 days
Rs 88.11
1 GB + 1 GB
Get 1 GB + Extra 1 GB Data @ Rs 89 (excl. of taxes) valid for 15 days.
15 days
Rs 113.64
2 GB + 2 GB
Get 2 GB + Extra 2 GB Data @ Rs 199 (excl. of taxes) valid for 30 days.
30 days
Rs 254.10
5 GB + 5 GB
Get 5 GB + Extra 5 GB Data @ Rs 319 (excl. of taxes) valid for 30 days.
30 days
Rs 407.33

Talk for less 

Subscribe to any of our Smart Voice Packs if you love talking over the phone at really affordable prices and enjoy the best value from our unlimited and volume-based Voice Packs and never worry about your balance running out.

Be it for work or play pick the one that fits you the best.

Voice Unlimited- 1 day
Talk Unlimited for 1 day within Smart Network for just Rs 9 (exclusive of taxes).
1 day
Rs 11.49
Voice Unlimited- 7 days
Talk Unlimited for 7 days within Smart Network for just Rs 29 (exclusive of taxes).
7 days
Rs 37.03
Voice Unlimited- 30 days
Talk Unlimited for 30 days within Smart Network for just Rs 99 (exclusive of taxes).
30 days
Rs 126.41
Daily Rental Voice Pack- Rs 3/day
All local calls @ Rs 0.90/min (exclusive of taxes). Daily Rs 3 (exclusive of taxes) rental cost renewed daily automatically.
1 day
Rs 3.83
To Activate     *141*1*1*1# 
To Deactivate *141*1*1*2#

Text for less

SMS still remains one of the best ways to deliver messages instantly and has always been a cheaper alternative compared to calling. Now, easily exchange short messages at even more affordable prices with people across Nepal on Smart.

Enjoy a huge heap of SMS or a per SMS tariff rate to other local networks that’s unbelievably low with the Smart SMS Packs.

SMS at 50 paisa/sms All local sms at 64 paisa/sms (inclusive of taxes). Subscribe this pack at Rs 9 (exclusive of taxes). 30 Days Rs 11.49 *141*2*1*1#
3000 sms (Smart to Smart) Get 3000 Smart to Smart sms. Subscribe at Rs 20 (exclusive of taxes). 30 Days Rs 25.54 *141*2*1*2#

Enjoy freedom of Data, Voice & SMS on every recharge.

Balance plays an important role when it comes to texting, calling or surfing the internet, hence, Smart offers added benefits of Data, Voice & SMS on every recharge so our users can do more of the things that make them happy. And along with these amazing benefits Smart also transfers almost the entire recharge amount to your main balance.

Smart’s power packed recharges also eliminate the hassle of subscribing to various packs so our users have the freedom to use whatever they need whenever they want to.

The bigger the recharge, the more benefits you enjoy.

Now experience double the fun with double data every time you recharge. Offer Valid for a limited time period. 

Recharge Main Balance (Rs.) Additional Benifits Validity
100 98.04 Get 200 MB + Extra 200 MB Data with 10 Mins. talk time and 10 SMS
7 days
200 196.08 Get 400 MB + Extra 400 MB Data with 20 Mins. talk time and 20 SMS
15 days
500 490.20 Get 1.5 GB + Extra 1.5 GB Data with 100 Mins. talk time and 100 SMS
30 days
1000 980.40 Get 3 GB + Extra 3 GB Data with 200 Mins. talk time and 200 SMS
30 days

Smart introduces you an array of offers  based on International incoming calls. We have a lot of friends and families residing in other parts of the world. Therefore, it's not just about providing you with the most affordable rates to call them but to help you connect with your world even better with International incoming call bonus. That’s why we are offering you free data up to 1 GB whenever you receive International calls from your loved ones.

Bonus data will be provided the next day after you have received the International incoming calls. Bonus data will be provided for the call lasting for 3 or more minutes .

Only 1 call in one day with highest minutes will be consider for bonus eligibility (one day one bonus scheme).

Now experience freedom with Smart and get free data packs every time you take International calls.

3 to 4 mins 300 MB 1 Day
4 to 6 mins 500 MB 1 Day
6 mins or more
1 GB 7 Days

To activate, dial *141*5*1*1#