• Call Me Credit Me


    CMCM(Call Me Credit Me) service is a life line service of Smart Cell.If you are running out of balance,then you can use this service as a life line.By dialing certain short codes you can send message to your friends,family or colleagues requesting to call you or credit a balance to your...

  • Missed Call Alert


    Through this service, subscribers will be able to receive the details of the calls attempted on their number, when the recipient mobile was switched off/out of reach/not reachable. Subscribers will be notified for Missed Call Alert through...

  • Telephone interaction service for medical advices

    Smart Healthline (4250)

    Smart Health line is a unique service that provides medical consultation services to patients over the mobile phone between 8am to 8pm a day 6 days a week (except on public holidays).This service is available for all Smart Cell subscribers. Please Dial: 4250 and get medical advice through interaction with top doctors of IOM Teaching Hospital,...

  • Choose Your Ring Back Tone

    Smart Tunes(4260)

    Smart tunes service allows the callers to listen to popular songs instead of the usual tones. You can choose popular songs from a wide variety of list and send it as a gift to anyone or copy it from friends, family and colleagues. Callers can enjoy the tune of your choice or their choice till you answer the call.You can dial 4260 to select your favorite song as your caller...

  • We simply care your problem

    Smart Care (4242)

    Smart Care offers comprehensive services to care for your queries and problems. We are just a ring away to give you the best customer service.Dial 4242 to get assistance in any kind of problem related to Smart...


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    • How do I activate my new Smart Cell SIM card?

      Just make a call to any number and your Smart Cell services will be active.

    • What are the new schemes that are available in the market?

      -(100-1000) You will get initial sim balance of Rs 100 and bonus balance of Rs 100 (Smart to Smart) Rs.50 (Smart to others) for six...